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RealPower PS-300C

Product-No 415191

Mobile energy - where it is needed

The powerstations from RealPower are versatile, whether as a power
supply for the outdoors or as a power reserve for your home. With the
PS-300C you have a portable, reliable and clean power supply for single
or multiple devices. The installed high quality Samsung Lithium Ion
batteries of the latest generation with high capacity guarantee a
sufficient power supply for the refrigerator, the laptop and much
more. The built-in LED lamp (with 5 W 450 Im corresponds to a 40 W
incandescent lamp) always provides enough light, whether camping
or during power outages.

High quality components and intelligent temperature regulation
ensure a long lifetime of our powerstations. With an integrated battery
management system and intelligent output control, we protect your
devices from overvoltage, overheating and short circuits.

With the solar panel SP-100E from RealPower (available as a separate
accessory and not included) your powerstation becomes a „green mini
Power plant“ and supplies environmentally friendly and inexpensive
electricity. The solar panels from RealPower support the MPPT technology
(Maximum Power Point Tracking), so you get maximum solar power and
charge the powerstation optimally and quickly.

Technical specifications
Capacity: 76,800 mAh (276,4 Wh)
Power: 300 W (400 W Peak)

DC socket: 12-24V= 5A 120W max. Charging time about 4 hours
USB-C: PD 60W max.                          Charging time about 6 hours
Carsocket: 12V-7Amax                       Charging time about 4 hours
DC 5521: 12-24V                                 Charging time about 4 hours
DC 5521: 18-24V                                 Charging time about 4 hours

USB-A: 2x  5V-3,6A, 9V-2,5A,12V-2A   22,5W max.
USB-C: 2x  5V-3A, 9V-3A, 12V-2,25A   60W PD max.
Car Socket: 12V-10A max
DC 5521: 12V- 10 A max
AC Socket: 2x 300W
LED Light:  5W450Im

300 W consumption ca. 20 minutes
200 W consumption ca. 65 minutes
150 W consumption ca. 85 minutes
50 W consumption ca. 130 minutes

92 x 192x219 mm / 4,9kg

Scope of delivery
RealPower PS-300C, AC charging adapter, car charging cable,
instruction manual, service card

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