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RealPower PC-65 GaN

Product-No 352262

RealPower PC-65 GaN
65 Watt Notebook Charger supplying  GaN Technology and Power Delivery

Fast, compact, flexible and safe: the 65 watt wall charger RealPower PC-65 GaN
supplies smartphones, tablets as well as notebooks with power.
It uses the innovative GaN technology, which enables a very compact design of
the charger and ensures less heat generation. With just one socket, the
RealPower PC-65 GaN charges two devices at the same time.

Therefore, it uses a standard USB port with FastCharge technology and a
USB Type C output with PD – the latter supplies power 2.5 times faster than
conventional chargers. Thanks to RapidCharge, the power supply automatically
finds the perfect voltage and current for the respective end device. 


•    65 watt power for smartphone, tablet and notebook with GaN technology:
     Space-saving, efficient and less heat generation
•    Two charging ports: 1 x USB / 1 x USB Type C with PD for
      up to 2.5x faster charging
•    Thanks to RapidCharge, the power supply unit recognizes the battery's
      energy requirements and automatically adjusts the voltage and current.
•    Universal charging plug that charges most USB-connected devices at an
     impressive rate
•    Comprehensive protection: The charging adapter has different protective
     mechanisms to protect the device from overvoltage, overheating, short circuits
•    USB: DC 3.4 - 5.5 V - 5 A / DC 5 V - 3A / DC 9 V - 3 A /
     DC 12 V - 3 A / DC 20 V - 1.8 A
•    USB Type C PD: DC 5 V - 3 A / DC 9 V - 3 A / DC 12 V - 3 A /
     15 V - 3 A / 20 V - 3.25 A

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