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Power Station 20

Product-No 306952

RealPower Power Station 20
480 W USB-Ladeschrank mit 20 USB-Ports

The USB charging cabinet RealPower Power Station 20 does not only ensure that up to 20 mobile devices are supplied with power via USB at the same time, but also takes care of the device’s security and integrity. The lockable cabinet offers a storage compartment with a corresponding charging port for each individual device. Thanks to the front glass pane, you can see at a glance whether a compartment is still free or an already loaded device is available. Thus, the cabinet is perfect for use in shops, restaurants or schools.

•    Charging station for almost all mobile devices
•    20 USB ports with up to 3.5 A output voltage
•    Max. 480 watts total power
•    Ideal for schools, restaurants etc.
•    Protection against overvoltage, short circuits and overheating
•    Active cooling and lighting
•    Including power supply
•    Lockable

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