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DeskCharge-65 Travel

Product-No 306837

RealPower DeskCharge-65 Travel

With the RealPower DeskCharge-65 Travel, users will not run out
 of energy, wherever they are. The USB charger for the power outlet
comes with an US/EU and UK adapter. On business trips or on
vacation, the wall charger is prepared for all conditions.

In no time at all, the socket turns into a charging station with two USB
charging ports and an USB Type-C PD connection – smartphone,
tablet and notebook can be conveniently  charged simultaneously via
one power source.


•    USB charger for the power outlet
•    US / EU and UK socket adapters
•    Two USB charging ports up to 9-12V / 1.5A (18W)
•    One USB Type-C PD Port up to 20 V / 3,25 A (65 W)
•    Incl. EU-, US- und UK travel adapter
•    Incl. 1 m USB Type-C charging cable (65 W)

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