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RealPower Magnetic tablet C

Product-No 238477

Magnetic USB-C sync & charging cable, silver

With the RealPower Magnet Cable there is no more annoying funbling while
trying to connect the USB-C connector into the small USB-C port. The
plug can remain in the slot and docks to the cable via magnets. The robust
nylon coat enhances a long lifetime.

• Magnetic USB-C sync- and charging cable for an easy
   connection to smartphone, tablet or camera
• The plug can remain in the slot and connects to the cable via magnets, when
   it comes close to the plug
• 1 m cable length with robust nylon coat
• Status LED on the cable informs as soon as the connected device is charged
• Rapid Charging: Supports 2,1A charging current

Scope of delivery
• RealPower Magnet Cable
• USB-C adapter
• Manual
• Service card

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